Letter to Prospective Parents

Dear Prospective Scouts and Parents,

I would like to personally encourage you to join the Adventure of Scouting in Troop 324. This website will help you learn about scouting, our troop and many other questions that you might have.

Troop 324 is a “High Adventure” troop. Adventure and challenge are two elements missing in most adolescents’ lives today, but are very much a part of our program. These are vital elements to keep the interest of the scouts and help develop leadership and self-confidence. We have an exceptionally active, challenging, and diverse outdoor program. As each young man continues through the scouting program, he will develop initiative, leadership, self-reliance, and self-confidence. In Troop 324, we teach our scouts to lead, set an example, and to stand up for what is right. It is our hope that the experience and knowledge your scout receives from scouting will build on the foundation your family has started; that he will continue to grow into a good, honest citizen, with a strong character and develop the skills needed to achieve and lead in all aspects of his life.

The success of Troop 324 is directly related to the number of active adults. Adult men and women, family members and others, make scouting the largest quality volunteer organization in the world. We are fortunate to have dedicated, trained adult scouters in our troop, but we are always looking for more resources to improve the quality of training and experience the scouts receive. The larger a troop becomes, the more adults it takes to run a quality troop and maintain a high standard of scouting.

As a parent or guardian, YOU are the single most important factor the will influence your scout’s success. Scouts whose parents or guardians are actively involved attend more meetings and advance through the ranks quicker and higher than those without family participation. We require that at least one parent or guardian join with the scout and ask that they get involved right away. You will both benefit greatly!

Please peruse this website and I hope it interests you enough to come join the fun!.

I would like to again extend a warm welcome to Troop 324,

Michael Byerline, Committee Chair